girlKleenerz offers a full-service alterations and repair department. Our stores have spacious fitting rooms for all your alteration needs. Call for an appointment or just come in for a fitting. If you’re a route customer, you can send in specifications for hemming or repairs. Our alteration department is led by Nelrita Caldwell, who has over 25 years experience.
Household Items
Kleenerz has a long history of handling many delicate, antique garments and fine linens such as:

Area Rugs
Bedding and Comforters
Feather Beds and Pillows
Quilts and Rugs
Tablecloths and Other Fine Linens

Suede & Leather

As you professional dry cleaner, we can care for you suede and leather garments. Please allow extra time, generally one week, for you to have these items processed.